What happened during the Corona crisis? A focus on the differences and similarities between the five Nordic countries.

How did we handle the societal and organizational changes due to Corona? Differences and similarities between countries in terms of how our research-, education- and innovation systems (REAIS) worked in a crisis situation? How did the scientific environments advise the political decision-makers in a crisis situation? The first webinar will focus on our shared learnings from the Corona crisis and how we can use these learnings in the years ahead.


Watch the background videos/interviews via the following links:


Anders Bjarklev, President at DTU


Mari Sundli Tveit, Deputy Director General at NHO


Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, Vice-Chancellor at Linköping University

Summary from the webinar

Download a summary of the group discussions from the first webinar

Download Summary From The Webinar

Presentation from the First Webinar

Download the presentation by Gunnar Bovim

Download Presentation From The First Webinar

Background Material

The Corona crisis and transition timeline

Background information from the Danish system 


Background information from the Swedish system


Background information from the Finnish system 


Background information from the Norwegian system


Background information at the European level - report on "preparations for ESAF-6" 

In June 2020, the European Science Advisors Forum (ESAF) held a webinar about Corona and science advice. Prior to the webinar, a concise inventory of national science advice contributions on COVID-19 was gathered from all the participating countries. 

Webinar 2 - What happens now? 

What will the future international trends bring that our sector must correspond to? And how will Horizon Europe affect us? 

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